Reset Clients' Scheduler Passwords

As you may know, Clients are able to login to the scheduler to access upcoming appointments, cancel them, and reschedule them. If they ever write you and are having trouble logging in, you can reset the password they use to login to the scheduler.  You can then relay that password change to them so that they can login with the new password you've set.

To reset a client's password, follow the steps below:

First, go to Main→Lookup Client:


Search for the client you are looking to reset the password for in the fields provided: 


Click into the client's profile and scroll to the bottom of the Client Info tab where you'll find the button to "Reset Password":


In the Reset Password popup window, the email address will be prepopulated but you can type in a new password for the client and press Save:


Because our passwords are encrypted, there is no email from the system that will tell the client what this new password is. You will have to communicate to him/her over your personal email or phone what password you've set for them.