What is a Service?

A Service in checkAppointments is the reason for the appointment, the crux of why your client is booking with you. There is a lot of functionality here, including the ability to:

  • Ask for custom information from clients based on the service their booking
  • Take payments at time of booking the service through Merchant Warehouse (for processing credit and debit cards), Google Wallet, and PayPal
  • Define the duration for appointments with buffers to allot for time needed between clients
  • Send specific email instructions for the service
  • Set offerings on a location by location basis if a service is offered only at a handful of your offices
  • Assign services to an individual or multiple staff members

There's documentation on each of these additional items found in the related links, but on this page I am just going to show you how to add a new service offering.

To add a Service

To start navigate to Setup->Services


Then click on "Add New Service" on the top left (we talk about Personal Reasons and Editing services in separate documents)


There are three tabs that you will click through to define the information around the service you're adding which include "Service", "Location Hours", and "Staff". We go more deeply into what each of those mean in separate pieces of documentation, but suffice it to say that the:

  1. Service tab provides the outline definition of the service including the description, the duration (including buffers), the custom field application, pricing, and email instructions
  2. Location Hours tab allows you to set which locations the service is available at and between which hours in the day it can be booked
  3. Staff tab gives you the ability to select which staff member can provide the service


Once you have finished going through all the tabs, there is a "Save" button at the bottom of the "Staff" tab. Make sure to hit that to commit your service!