Making a service available at certain locations

You can easily set up the 1-on-1 service-based appointments that you offer so that they are only available to book at a select number of your locations. This documentation section will walk you through how to set up your services so that they can only be booked at select location(s) whenever the staff who is assigned to that service has working hours set up at the selected location(s).

To do this, first navigate to Setup → Services and click on the service you wish to assign to select location(s):


Once you are in the Service's profile screen, click on the middle tab at the top labeled "Location Hours":


After clicking into the Location Hours tab for the service, click on the option for "This service is only available at certain locations": 

Please note: there is also an option to make it so that this service is available at certain locations for specific hours. This will make it so that you can define what locations the service is offered at as well as put time restrictions around when the service can be booked. You can learn more about this setting on our documentation available here.


This will bring up a list of the locations where you can select that the service is available to be booked at. Select the location(s) where you want the service to be offered at. After selecting the locations, click the Next button at the bottom to navigate to the "Staff" tab:


In order to commit the changes you've made to your service, make sure to press the "Save" button at the bottom of the staff tab on the service profile:


Now, when you go through to book an appointment, the service will only display as bookable in the locations it has been assigned to. Appointment times will be offered for the service based on the working hours of the staff who render that service and have hours set up at the location the service is assigned to. To learn about setting up hours of availability for staff, read our documentation here.