Making a service available at certain locations for specific hours

If you have a service that you only want to offer either at certain locations (if you have multiple locations) or only on certain days, you can use the "Location Hours" tab inside any detailed Service view to set this up.

Let's say I'm a photographer who only does Pet Portraits on Saturdays, but I can offer them at any location. First I'll navigate to the service:

Once I'm in the detailed service view I'll click on the Location Hours tab:


Underneath Location Hours I'll select the radio dial button next to "This service is available at certain locations for specific hours":


Once you select that radio dial button, you'll see options to add a schedule appear beneath it. For this example, I'm going to select "Add Regular Schedule" and set up my Saturday dates:

By selecting "Add regular schedule" I do not have to have an end date. This means that my Saturday availability to take Pet Portraits extends indefinitely into the future. FYI: If I wanted to only offer Pet Portraits for the months of November and December on Saturdays and then not offer them anymore, I could put an end date of 1 Jan 2014 which would cut off the availability at the end of December.

The last step: to commit this change, go to the Staff tab and press "Save"!