What kind of confirmation can I get on emails going out about appointments?

We capture email and text message history for all clients on all appointments. If you want to find out if an email was sent to a client about an appointment, you can either look at the appointment record itself or you can view the email history through the client's profile.

To see the email history on the appointment record, navigate to the appointment detail screen and click on the "Emails" tab:



Under the emails tab, you'll see the emails and text messages that were sent out about an appointment and if any delivery errors happened in sending. Oftentimes we'll hear from our users that clients didn't receive an appointment confirmation. If this is the case, you can navigate to the appointment, look at the email log, confirm delivery and make sure their email address is correctly written there.


To see the email history from the client record, go to Main→Lookup Client and search for the client you are interested in seeing the emails for: 


Click on the magnifying glass next to the client's name to view the client profile. Once in the client profile, click on the "Emails" tab on the far right to see the emails and text messages sent to that client or to the staff members servicing that client for an appointment: