How can I enter in cash or check payments?

Watch the video below to learn how to enter in cash or check invoices:


Voiding Cash or Check payments

If you have entered in a cash or check payment that you need to remove from the invoice screen for whatever reason, you can do so on a payment by payment basis.

First, navigate to the invoice for which you need to void the payment. This can be done by looking up the specific client that you know the invoice is under and going to the "Invoice History" tab, or by navigating to the invoice from the Lists → Invoices view:


Once you've clicked into the invoice screen, find the individual payment you want to delete/void:


Once you click into that individual payment, you'll be in the "Payment Transaction History" screen where you can select to "Delete Transaction":


Once you've deleted it, you can return to the invoice screen and see that the status has been changed back to "Open" if the invoice was previously listed as paid and voiding that cash payment reduces the total amount receive to less than the invoice amount: