Syncing with Google Calendar

To sync your appointments through checkAppointments with your Google Calendar, start by going to the “Integrations” menu tab, click the “Sync with Google Calendar” link, and then click the “Setup Google Calendar Sync” button.

After clicking the “Setup Google Calendar Sync” button, you will be taken to a screen that asks for your permission to allow checkAppointments to manage your calendars. Click the “Allow” button:

You’ll now be taken back to checkAppointments where you’ll be able to choose which Google calendar you would like to sync. I am choosing my primary calendar. And once you’ve chosen which one you’d like to sync, click the “Finish Google Sync” button:

You’ll then be taken back to the My Calendar page under the “Main” menu tab, and from here click on on the “Integrations” menu tab again:

Once you’ve opened the “Integrations” menu tab, click on the “Sync with Google Calendar” link and you will see that your appointments are now synced with the calendar you’ve chosen. In this case, I only have one appointment with Thomas Wright for a Farm Tour that has been created and synced.

*Please note:  All of your checkAppointment appointments are synced automatically from here on out. If you decide to make an appointment in Google Calendar, you should make changes and edit that appointment in Google Calendar and not in checkAppointments. If you make changes in checkAppointments, when the calendars sync (which happens about every 30 minutes) then the changes will be overridden.