Auto Advancing through the scheduler

If you want to make the booking process faster for your clients, you can turn on Auto-Advance so that any panels that show up with only one option are automatically selected and passed through. This will keep your client from having to make all the clicks and speed up the time it takes to get them to the "Your Information" page.

So say you have just 1 location, 2 staff, and 1 service and you're webflow as defined in "Scheduler→General Setup" is "Location→Staff→Service". When a client clicks "Next" from your welcome page it will automatically pass them through the "Location" page and just present them with the "Staff" page that has two options. As soon as they pick the Staff, they'll be quickly bypassed through the "Service" page since there's only one option there and presented with the Time page where they'll select an appointment date and time. 

If you like the sound of this option, you can turn it on under "Scheduler→General Setup" and selecting the Auto Advance checkbox underneath the webflow:







Remember to press "Save" at the bottom of the scheduler setup screen to commit the changes.