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Before I jump into how the Resources panel is used, I'm going to take a second to explain what we mean by Resources as it can be a broad term. In checkAppointments, "Resources" refers more specifically to shared resources within a business or office space that if one staff person is using for an appointment, another staff person can't use.

For example, a physician's office may only have one MRI machine or a massage parlor may only have one of their rooms with a shower that's needed to rinse the exfoliants off after a seaweed wrap.

For this tutorial, I'm going to use the example that a photography studio has only one room set aside, with the appropriate backdrops, etc., for clients who want professional headshots (full disclosure, I'm not a photographer and I'm not sure that studios really work this way - meaning with rooms set aside - but hopefully you can follow me down this line of thinking regardless of its potential improbability).